Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 10

Day 10
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Rag Quilt #2...so far! This one is for some friends of ours, for their new son. I made a quilt for their older son when he was born, so makes sense that I make their new baby one too! Simon and his aunty took Kason & Cohen out on Saturday afternoon, so I was at home by myself for the first time in a. long. time! I managed to get this sewn up in the 2 or so hours they were gone, and I've just now finished snipping the seams so it's ready to be washed tomorrow. I had aimed to have it finished by this coming Friday, and last week I was highly doubting it was going to happen! I think it has turned out really well :-)

Today has been ridiculously hot! When we went to playgroup at 9:30am, it was 28 degrees!!! Cohen's eczema really gets aggravated with the heat, so we try to keep him inside where it's cool. But it can be hard, because I can't handle being stuck inside all day everyday - I need a change of scene to stay sane!

Got lots on this week...it's going to be mega crazy, but I'm sure we will come out the other side just fine!


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