Monday, November 15, 2010


1. Taking identical twins to the shops quickly. Doesn't happen - we get stopped every few minutes by people wanting to peek at them! Can be frustrating when I'm in a rush...although today a lovely man stopped to talk to K&C while I was sitting down eating icecream (yum!), then thanked me for letting him :-)

2. Cooking dinner for one five nights out of seven. Simon works afternoons and nights. It's nice having him home in the mornings, but finding the motivation to cook only for myself most nights can be tough.

3. Trying to placate two crying babies.

4. Being away from friends when a friend is being farewelled. Wishing we were in Auckland today so we could be with our NZ dancing family, paying our respects to a wonderful man. D was honestly the most smiley person, and he had such a passion for dance from the day he walked into our class. He reinvigorated all the students with his energy. He will be sorely missed on the dance floor.

5. Finding time to sew! I have three rag quilts I want to get done before mid-December...not sure if it's going to happen though! One is started...

In other news, I have decided to set myself a new challenge. I'm jumping onboard with the popular 365 project - taking at least one photo a day for 365 days. I started on Sunday. While I won't get a chance to upload/post them everyday, I will do my best!

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