Monday, December 28, 2009

You learn something new everyday

And the last week or so has been no exception - particularly in relation to twins! Yup, I'm pregnant, and we're expecting mono-di twins! That's a fancy way of saying identical twins which share one placenta and have a thin membrane separating them (this is a good thing - means they won't be conjoined or get entangled). They are officially due on July 1st, but as they are twins, I think they will likely be here sometime in early-mid June. I have another appointment with the doctor in a couple of weeks, so I will check with her then.
I have been pretty sick with the twins, vomiting up to seven times a day meaning I have lost almost 4kgs. This concerned my doctor enough for her to prescribe me a pregnancy-safe anti-nausea which has been FAN-bloody-TASTIC!!! Since I started taking them almost a week ago, I have only vomited twice!

We told my parents before my hand surgery, and my best friend (S) when I went to visit her in Invercargill, but they were the only ones who knew. We announced it to the rest of the family on Christmas Day by giving them little onesies which said, "I (heart) My Aunty D" "I (heart) My Uncle H" etc. We didn't find out there were two of them until a few days before Christmas, so we had already made and wrapped the onesies, otherwise they would have said, "We (heart) Our Aunty D" etc.

The news of the twins is having the effect of people asking us if we are still moving to Adelaide...yes! We are! Sure, it's going to be doubly as difficult having twins with no family around, but I'm sure we will manage, we know no different. Plus my Mum will come over either before they are born, or just after.


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