Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So...a couple of weeks ago, I had my appointment with my surgeon. As I had hoped, she gave me a date for my operation. Last Friday, I had a seed ganglion removed from the base of one of my fingers. It's pretty sore at the moment, as expected, but in the long run it will be SO much better!

It also means I have some time off work... I had great plans to go down to the park down the road and lay in the sunshine, reading books and magazines. Unfortunately, even though it *is* officially summer, the weather isn't playing ball and it's been quite horrible outside! But it's not all bad...they play reruns of Grey's Anatomy!

Christmas is fast approaching and we only have a couple of presents partly sorted. We really need to get onto that...this Saturday! H & D are coming over from Gold Coast for a few days (J is staying over there which sucks, but he just can't afford flights back at the moment), so it will be nice to have them around too.

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