Friday, December 4, 2009

And the stitches are out!

I had my stitches taken out today! It's so nice not to have my hand all wrapped up in bandages - I can get it wet now!!! I have had to wash my hair one-handedly a couple of times this last week, and trust me, it's not an easy thing to do! hand is actually a lot more sore today than it has been since my operation so hopefully that goes away quickly.

Tomorrow night, The Husband and I are going to our dance school Christmas party. It's going to be SO much fun...but it'll be sad too. The Husband has been with the studio, and teaching there for over 10 years, and this will be the last time we see a lot of these people we are used to seeing every week. We are having another, smaller get together with the other teachers in a couple of weeks, so that will be good.

Anyways, I'm going to get me some strawberries and ice cream :-) The weather isn't doing a good impression of summer, but I can pretend!


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