Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas?!? Already?!?!

Wow! I cannot believe that Christmas is next week!!! We've got all our Christmas shopping done - we ended up making the same thing for most of our family which made things a WHOLE lot easier! I think they ended up costing us $7.00 each, so not too bad! We did also get a couple of other small things for my brothers and sister-in-law and my parents, but in all, it has been a pretty cheap Christmas. Which is great seeings as we're still saving for our big move. Which is also approaching a bit too quickly for my liking at the moment!

I think Christmas day will be fairly low key this year. J will be in the Gold Coast and B, G and V will be in St Lucia. H and D are coming home for a few days, but I think they will be spending the majority of their time with D's family as they get to know their little goddaughter. They were here for the first two weeks of her life, but they haven't seen her since July. They are actually coming back for her Christening which is on Boxing Day - her parents planned that PERFECTLY!


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