Friday, January 24, 2014

Or Maybe Not so Busy...

Cohen came down with croup. Not severely, but it bordered on mild/moderate and it was not in any way pleasant. Of course he kindly shared it with Kason, so I've had two sick boys in my bed most nights this week, which also meant that none of us have been getting much sleep at all :( Thankfully they have been improving pretty quickly (Kason especially, he didn't have it as badly as Cohen did), and they were both feeling much better today so we managed to get out and catch up with some friends. It broke my heart as we left though, Kason said, "I love my friends, Mummy. I'm going to miss them lots". Poor boy :-( I think they are both starting to grasp the fact that we will be living in NZ and won't be able to see their special friends very much.

Thankfully we have a quiet couple of days coming up before another busy long as noone gets sick again! It's so crazy to think that next week is our last full week in Adelaide. Cohen asked me this afternoon how many sleeps until we go to New Zealand - only 12!!! I'm very glad that when we go back, my brothers and their families are also heading back (for my little brother's wedding). It's going to be incredibly hard to leave, so it's nice to have some things to look forward to once we get there.



  1. Sounds hectic. hope this period of transition goes as smoothly as possible for you and the boys.

  2. Hi Laura, I've been wondering how you and the boys are doing. sending you lots of good wishes.