Friday, August 23, 2013

"This is my friend"


The weather here has been C.R.A.P. lately! We've had rain pretty much every day, and it's been so cold I've even had the heater on every day. I am SO looking forward to Summer, and I'm loving seeing all the blossoms and daffodils out...I'm hoping that they nature's sign that the weather is going to improve soon...I can hope, right?!
Kason, in his raincoat, ready to play in the rain
This week has seen us at a friends place for a playdate, at playgroup twice, Kason and Cohen at child care, at the library, trying out a new barber for the boys (when I told them we were going to a barber, Kason starts singing, "Baa baa black sheep" - cracked me up!), climbing on boxes in the garage, riding bikes in the garage, and Cohen and Kason deciding that they are friends! The last few days, whenever one of them gets hurt (happens a lot. They fight. A LOT!), the other will come over and say, "This is my friend {insert brother's name here}" - super cute!
Cohen & Kason
Anyways, it's bedtime for me :-)


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