Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoo Day!

 We spent Father's Day at the zoo! The weather was stunning, and because we went after lunch, it wasn't too crazy busy :) We all had an awesome time!


Cohen absolutely LOVED the pandas! They were inside for most of the time we were at their enclosure, but we could still see them, and Cohen just wanted to wait for them to come back out. One of them kept coming back out into the enclosure, then would waddle back inside. She did that over and over and over again - Cohey though that she was hilarious, and kept talking to her to try to coax her out!
Kason's favourite had to be the little quokkas in the Children's Zoo. They were his favourite last time we were there, too. The photo above of him is one of my favourites! He just kept patting them, and giving them pieces of grass and hay to eat :)

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