Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm Baaaack!!


Ok, so highlights of the last three (!!! I'm so shocking!) months:

1. Kason and Cohen turned THREE!!! We had a monster-themed party, and had about 15 of the boys' friends at our place...and their parents!

2. Nana & Grumps (my parents) came to visit! They were here for the boys' birthday, my Dad was here for 10 days, Mum for about 2.5 weeks.

3. My best friend and her husband also graced us with their presence :-) They were only here for 5 days or so, but it was SO, SO good to have them here and show them a teeny tiny bit of Adelaide.

4. Kason and Cohen had their first 'school' trip - we went to the Adelaide Zoo, and had an AWESOME time! Especially as it was when Nana and Grumps were still here, so they could come, too :-)

5. We have FINALLY gotten two little boys pretty much toilet trained, including overnight!! It took us a good two weeks for it to click with them, but they are doing super awesome...apart from at school?!

6. I've been doing a whole heap of sewing - for the boys, for gifts, and even one item for myself! my next project is for me, too - I just need to get some fabric for it!

7. Simon and I celebrated five years of marriage! Well, we didn't really celebrate exactly, as my Grandmother died early the same morning.

8. But, we did go to see Ballet Revolucion a few nights later - a joint anniversary present to ourselves, and a birthday present for Simon.

9. Kason and Cohen have nailed riding their new bikes (they got them for their birthday) with their training wheels! We are so glad to live in a quiet cul de sac where they can ride their bikes almost everyday. And when it's raining? The car gets put onto the driveway so they can ride in the garage!

10. I think that we're all up to date!