Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Day 206 by Road2Chaos2
Day 206, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

My Mum left this morning :-( It sucked to see her go...hopefully we will get over to New Zealand for Christmas, but it's not looking all too promising at the moment. Thank God for Skype hey!
After dropping Mum at the airport, then Simon at work, we pretty much only had the afternoon. I had some DVDs to return, so instead of putting the boys in their cots for their afternoon nap, I rugged them up in their hats, jackets and blankets, put the storm cover on the stroller and we walked there and took the long way home (up the long, slow hill!).

On another note, Cohen has just in the last day or so started standing up by himself - he doesn't need to pull himself up now, he just pushes up off the floor. I haven't actually seen him do it yet, but one moment I'll be looking at him sitting on the floor with nothing tall near him, and I'll glance away and by the time I look back at him, he's standing! He's still not taking more than one step tho...!


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