Friday, June 3, 2011


Happy Boy Cohen! (Day 202)
At Neonates playgroup today, one of the mums mentioned a big sale that Myers has on at the moment in their kids' department. Big, as in 50% off SALE prices! Needless to say, we went there after Kason and Cohen had their naps and lunch! I paid $93.50 for about $300 worth of clothes - most of which will last them for next winter too!!

Speaking of Neonates, Cohen and Kason had a blast there today. They got spoilt with yet ANOTHER birthday cake - banana this time. Kason absolutely devoured it, he was literally sucking on my hand to try to get the last crumbs off of it! Cohen wasn't quite as into it, but had about a third of a small piece.
They were both in really good moods, and even sat down at the table and shared a bead maze toy with another of their friends - they each had a wire and some beads to play with, and it was awesome seeing the three of them playing together nicely.

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