Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching Up

It has been beautiful weather here lately, and we are making the most of it!! I'm really, really hoping that the weather is nice when we are in New Zealand soon, but I'm not really holding my breath! Anyways, we have been spending most of everyday outside. Kason and Cohen are really loving their sandpit at the moment, and some days, they spend the entire day playing in there!

Yesterday the weather was stunning, again, so while Simon was at work in the morning, the boys and I played in the sandpit and drew with our chalk - on the chalkboard, the concrete path, the bricks, the fence - then some friends of mine from my old work in NZ came over for lunch. They are in Adelaide for a few days, so it was awesome to catch up with them...and all the gossip! Cohen and Kason loved having them here, they love to show off to a new audience :-)

Anyways, Simon got home not long after lunch, and we all headed down to the beach for a while. It wasn't overly hot, so I didn't think the boys would be keen on going in the water - but holy crap was I wrong!!! They were wearing their boardies and rashies, but just their normal nappies. Thankfully I packed spares, just in case. They spent the whole hour or so splashing around with Simon, and they were NOT impressed when we had to go home, and Cohen kept turning around to run back into the water.

I love that they love the beach so much! It's a shame that we won't be able to go so much this summer, what with being in NZ for a while, but there will still be plenty of summer after we get back. We're lucky that Simon doesn't work mornings, because it means that we can spend the mornings at the beach, and because we're so close, it's worth the trip, even if we only spend 20 minutes there!

Hanging out for more beach days!


P.S. I didn't get my camera out, but my friend did - I'll have to get pictures from her

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