Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not all rainbows and butterflies

Simon's Dad died on Tuesday afternoon. He surprised all the doctors and recovered from his chest infection earlier in the month, and was discharged from hospital within the week. I got a message on Tuesday morning that he had deteriorated that morning and it wasn't looking good...the fact that he was still in the nursing home rather than the hospital said a lot. It took me two hours to get a hold of Simon – he is notoriously bad at checking his cellphone and he'd gone into the city early, so he wasn't at work yet either. After finally getting a hold of him, he tried to call his step-mum to no avail, so he called the nursing home and got put through to Tony's room. Ros had to tell him that his Dad had died only ten minutes earlier.
He's devastated. We all are. Simon is heading up to Sydney early next week for a few days for his Dad's funeral. Tony will be cremated and Ros will be taking his ashes back to Christchurch. At this stage, it's looking as though Ros is happy to wait to take Tony's ashes to Christchurch later this year when we are going back. So that will be nice.

On another note...Kason threw his biggest ever tantrum this morning. At the library. Yup, the place where people expect peace and quiet. My son was screaming. He desperately wanted to go on the computer to skype Nana (yes, Nana is still here! She was approximately three metres away from Kason at the time). I ended up having to take him outside!! He was cracking it pretty much the entire 45 minutes we were there...until he found a Wiggles book! And then there was no way in hell he was going to put that book down, so Kason has now officially chosen his first book to check out of the library J

After Toddler Time, we went over to the supermarket, and I tackled the groceries while Mum took the boys in a trolley to Big W to find another Wiggles book (well, two). Apparently while they were in the shop, Kason and Cohen both decided that would be a fantastic time to pull their pants down!! FUNNY BOYS!

Anyways, that's about all for now. I have to go and work on the boys' birthday cake before Grey's Anatomy starts.


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