Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bit of This, Bit of That

Yesterday (Friday) was the first session of Neonates Playgroup for the term. It's held at a Children's/Community centre where there is also a Kindergarten. The kindy kids are hatching little baby chicks at the moment, and some had hatched on Thursday night. A couple of the ladies who work at the centre brought in two tiny little chicks for our kids to look at and pat (there were only 'bigger' kids there, no immuno-compromised kids). Kason and Cohen loved it!! They were so, so gentle with the chicks - I was very impressed with them!

After playgroup we had a little bit of time to kill so we stopped in at a playground we hadn't been to before, and the boys really enjoyed it...there were tears when we had to leave, so we will definitely be heading back there after next neonates playgroup as long as the weather plays ball!

From there it was onto the hairdressers. All three boys (Simon, Cohen & Kason) had appointments, and again the boys both did awesome! Simon went first, then was Cohen's turn...he wasn't too impressed about that, so we swapped and Kase went and sat on the chair quite happily while Simon and Cohen played with a toy crocodile. Cohen was much happier to have his turn after seeing Kason have a go, and they both look even cuter now with their haircuts! Although, I must admit, they also look more similar! Kason's hair is a bit thicker, therefore looking a bit darker, than Cohen's so that has been how we've been telling our friends to tell them apart recently. Now, though, it's not so obvious I don't think!

ast night while Simon was at work, I started sorting the house out a bit. Our spare room is in such chaos right now, and seeing as we have my Mum coming next kinda needs to not be! Anyways, I spent the evening starting to sort out the room, but it's currently in that stage where it's worse than it was, but it's getting there! We have a massive TV taking up a huge chunk of the walk-in-wardrobe in that room, so I'm wanting that out so I can put some storage containers (that are already full - boo to having hardly any storage areas in this house!) in there, so they aren't taking up floor space in the room itself. I'm really hoping that Simon can move it out tonight so I can hopefully get the room sorted by the end of the weekend so I don't have to worry about it during the week...especially as Simon may possibly be heading up to Sydney next Friday.
Simon's Dad is doing well! He improved enough to have a CT scan, which showed a small clot in his lung (he has had lung cancer, so one lung was removed along with part of the other one) and also pneumonia, and they are treating it with antibiotics and blood thinners. He doesn't have much of an appetite yet, but he's participating in conversations and his breathing has improved a lot – he may even be discharged on Monday!!! Considering how sick he was earlier in the week, he has made a remarkable improvement!! I can't help but think, though, that winter hasn't even begun yet, and to be hit that hard so early in the season...well, it doesn't really bode well for the rest of winter. Anyways, Simon and I have been discussing the possibility of him going up to Sydney to see his Dad next weekend. We haven't decided yet, and a lot of it depends on what Ros (Tony's partner) thinks. Hopefully a decision will be made later today, otherwise the cost of flights will go up!
I think I've decided what I want to do with my life career-wise!!! It's only taken 9.5 years since I finished school!!! Now I've just got to find a way to try and make it happen. It would make things so much easier if the course I want to do was offered as an online/extra-mural course, but it's not...Hopefully we can figure something out though. I'm super excited!!
Anyways, the boys are in bed (supposed to be napping, but they are chatting away to each other, making each other per usual!), so I really should get onto sorting out this spare room a bit more!

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