Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy Day

Today has been pretty full on! It's always a rush on Wednesday mornings to get out of the house to get the boys to Occasional Care on time...I don't think 'on time' has happened yet! Anyways, after we dropped them off there, Simon and I did the grocery shopping, and then after it was all put away, I made a batch of ham & cheese muffins for Kason and Cohen's lunch. Well, I made the batter and spooned it all into the muffin tins all ready to bake after I got home from picking the boys up. So yeah, we picked the boys up, dropped Simon at the bus stop, came home, baked the muffins, ate lunch (muffins were a success!!!), changed nappies and then the boys went down for their naps (this is a whole 'nother blog post!). I had to wake them up at 3:20pm, get them changed and in the stroller so we could zip across the road to get Kason to his doctor appointment.

He has had a teeny tiny red spot on his lip for months and months and months. I kept meaning to get it checked out, but because one can barely see it, unless one knows to look for it, I kept forgetting. Anyways, yesterday morning when we got him up, it quite a bit bigger and more noticeable. I called the doctors clinic and took the first appointment I could get. I didn't think it was anything sinister, but wanted to get him checked out, just to be on the safe side. Thankfully, the doctor agreed with me, and it looks like Kason had just scratched it in his sleep. But we'll keep an eye on it. We got home just in time to make dinner and have a play while it was in the oven.

After I got the boys in bed, I made meat patties for my burger, then lemon square for the Neonates morning tea on Friday, and some muffins to take to twins group tomorrow!

Needless to say, I now have a massive pile of dishes to do...yay, my favourite 'job'. Or not, as the case may be!


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