Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Oh my little Kason! You are such a cheeky little guy, and you always know exactly what you want and nothing else will do! This particular personality trait is proving rather testing at dinner-time at the moment. You haven't been eating so well, just at dinner-time, for quite some time. You did go through a very brief stage of letting Daddy give you your dinner, but that didn't last long. You now completely refuse any meat or vegetables. A few nights recently all you have eaten is tomato sauce! Oh boy do you lurve tomato sauce! You start off eating it with a fork (I know, but you insist), but you ditch that about halfway through and just dig in with your fingers! Yoghurt is still a winner though, and you polish off fruit like no one's business. You demolish pretty much any fruit we give you, so at least you are getting some nutrients.

Your speech isn't quite as it should be, but you are getting there. Your favourite words at the moment are, "no", and "hi".
"No" is always, always accompanied by a vehement shake of your head; "hi" is always accompanied by a cheeky little smile and a wave. It's what you say in the mornings when Daddy and I come to get you and your brother out of bed. We leave your door open a little bit at night, and when you hear us coming, you peek around to see us at the door and then the cutest grin spreads over your face and you wave and say "hi!" You and Cohen have both started sleeping in until around 7-7:30am, it's fantastic!!! But, you refuse to let Daddy get you out of your cot. If I go to get Cohen up and Daddy comes over to unzip your grobag, you start to cry

You love your Mummy!!! I ask you how much you love Mummy and you spread your arms as wide as you can. I say, "you love Mummy that much?! Wow! Mummy is so lucky!" and you will often respond with "more!" You are definitely getting more affectionate, which I love. You have always been very sparing with your hugs and cuddles, and you still are to a point. But when you do give me cuddles, you wrap your little arms around my neck and squeeze me tight. You will give me kisses, but I usually have to ask for them. You trick me though! You start of saying no and shaking your head. You wait for me to pout and ask "please?", then you giggle, give me a kiss and hug me tight – it is so sweet!
This new Mummy's boy thing does have a slight downside hate to let me out of your sight. You can be happily playing with Cohen and/or Daddy and I'll go to have a shower and as soon as I leave the room, you are running behind me. When I shut my bedroom door, you stand there crying for Mummy
L When I am trying to get you something to eat, or if I'm trying to do something, you are pretty much stuck to my leg. You much prefer to be picked up though and you hate it when I try to put you down – you cling onto me like a little koala bear. Daddy's iPad usually does the trick to distract you.

Oh, you are very much into The Wiggles at the moment! You would watch it all day every day if I let you! If you spy anything Wiggles you get super excited, and if we are at home, you head straight to the TV and ask me to put one of your DVDs on for you!!

You are such an amazing little boy! I'm so proud to be your Mummy J I love you so much Baby!


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