Monday, February 13, 2012


With Kason being so clingy to me lately, I felt like Cohen was missing out on getting all the attention he deserves, so I took Cohen on a 'date' on Sunday! We had such a great time, and so did Kason and Daddy, that we are definitely doing it again. Next time we are going to venture further apart – this time we all went to the mall together, then split up. I didn't want to go too far apart, just in case Kason cracked it. Which he didn't! Anyways, I took Cohen to our favourite cafe and got him a babycino and a bikkie. He really seemed to love his time alone with me, and I really enjoyed it too J Afterwards, I took him to the toy store and bought him a new toy (Simon did the same with Kase, so they both got something new), let him have a ride on a little carousel before meeting up with Kason and Daddy for a play on the playground!

I'm looking forward to my date with Kason next time!!


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