Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Some Bullet Points, ‘cause I’m awesome like that

Things have been crazy around here the last few days...and it's really not looking like things going to calm down anytime in the next few weeks. Oh well, we'll get back to some kind of 'normalcy' at some point.

  • Cohen has cut tooth #9. It's an eye know, one of the ones that is supposed to be one of the last teeth kids cut.
  • Kason has discovered a love of building towers with his blocks. He builds towers all over the place. This morning he even tried to build a tower with his apple slices and blocks...wasn't too successful!
  • Cohen has discovered a love of knocking block towers down. He follows Kason around and smashed his towers over. Giggling the entire time, of course.
  • Luckily, Kason doesn't seem to mind, it means he can build more towers!
  • Both the boys love to play on the slide! If Kason thinks that Cohen is taking too long to go down, he will go around behind him and push him.
  • I love to read. I'm thinking about getting a Kindle. Contemplating it.
  • I actually bought myself a new outfit today. As in, three pieces of clothing! This never happens, people. I am quite excited, and I hope I get to wear it soon.
  • I'm hungry. I don't know what I feel like for dinner, therefore, I am procrastinating by writing this post.
  • Simon finishes work early tonight, this makes me happy.
  • I still have lots I need to do tonight.

That's all for now! Exciting, huh?!


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