Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I have a good excuse!

I've been majorly slacking on the posts this month. I do have a pretty good excuse though! At the beginning of the month, I took Kason and Cohen back to New Zealand for three weeks. It was my Mum's 60th birthday, and she had NO idea that we were coming over! She knew that there was no way that Simon could get time off work, and she just didn't think that I might come by myself with the boys. My Dad knew we were coming and picked us up from the airport after telling Mum that he had a meeting in Auckland. When we got to their place in Hamilton, Dad carried both of the boys inside and I snuck in another door and videoed her reaction! Two of my brothers and their families were there for Mum's party too, although she knew they were going to be there. They didn't know I was going to be there either until my Uncle spilled the beans on Facebook...I was able to delete the message before Mum saw it, but not before my sisters-in-law discovered it!

Anyways, we had a (mostly) great time, but we all missed Simon something chronic. The boys faces when he picked us up on Sunday morning were just priceless, they both had huge grins for most of the rest of the day.
While we were there, Cohen got an eye tooth (strange, I know!) and a massive molar. Kason's are pretty close. Kase did, however, get a pretty nasty throat infection. He had a temperature of 39.2C which we could not get down, so we rushed him to A & E. It was a Friday night and there was a Rugby World Cup game on in the city. We weren't looking forward to the wait, but thought we might get taken through fairly quickly considering Kason's age. We got there and there was no-one else there! The only wait was while I filled in the form. Anyways, after a few days on antibiotics, he was feeling much better.

Got lots to do tonight, so I better go and get things sorted. I still have to sort out and upload my pics, so when they're done, I'll write more about our trip!


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