Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Weekend!

We had such awesome weather here over the (long) weekend! Unfortunately, Simon was working Saturday, but Kason, Cohen and I picked him up when he finished and we headed up Mt Lofty before heading home. Sunday we went for a drive with some friends down to Victor Harbor, had a late lunch at Port Elliot and spied a wooden toy factory! It was closed, but we will head back there at some stage in the not too distant future to see if they have the kind of rocking horse we are after. Monday was another cracker day, and we were planning on going shopping...didn't realise that the shops would almost all be closed!!! In NZ, shops are generally only closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day! All other holidays are just an excuse for sales! Not the case here...guess we should have figured that out considering nothing opens until 11am on Sundays, and apparently that has only just come in recently - it used to be that everything was closed all day Sunday. Anyways, we took the boys down to Port Noarlunga - their first trip to the beach :-) We are just loving the fact that we have so many awesome beaches within 10mins of our house! And we can acutally get to them much easier now that we have a car! Yesterday I also managed to finish sewing Project S. Now I just have to chop it and wash it a few times...I so hope it turns out as cute as I hope it will.
Kason & Cohen both slept for 9 hours on Sunday night - it was fantastic! I just wish we had of gone to bed earlier than we did...oh well! They are both asleep now, and I've managed to bake some muffins (thanks, Betty Crocker, for inventing packet mixes! Have to add in here that, generally, I don't bake from packets...just have to take a plate to playgroup tomorrow so got a packet incase I didn't get a chance to bake from scratch!) and clean both of the bathrooms. Now I'm just waiting on the two little men to awaken for their next feed, which will be any minute now so I better go.


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