Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Months!

Dear Kason & Cohen,

Cohen & Kason
Today you are five months old! We spend the morning at playgroup, and Daddy came with us too - you loved having him there and were full of smiles.

Kason, when you were weighed and measured last week, your numbers were:
Weight: 6350g
Height: 62.5cm

Cohen, when you were weight and measured last week, your numbers were:
Weight: 6440g
Height: 63cm

You have both really started to laugh and giggle and interact this past month. You both have the sweetest laughs, and it warms my heart everytime I hear you. Cohen, you love to TALK! And you talk LOUDLY!!! Kason, you enjoy talking too, but you are a bit more smiley than your brother. Often, in the middle of a feed, you will stop eating and just grin at me for a good few minutes.

You have had a busy month. Your Nan came to visit for a week, and so did your 'Aunty' Lesha. We also bought a car, which makes it much easier to get out and about, and we're certainly making the most of it. You both are so easy-going and cruisy. When one of Aunty Lesha's friends went into labour at our house last week, we just bundled you both straight into your carseats and drove her to her house in the hills - about an hour away. We then turned around and came home. You did SO fantastically well, I was so, so proud of you. Cohen, you cried a bit at the start, but Aunty Lesha just wound your window down a little and you calmed right down.
It's amazing how much you both enjoy being outside. We even bought you boys a pop-up beach tent which I have put up out on the lawn a few times when you have been having an unsettled day - it works a treat to cheer you both up.

We got our stash of MCNs this month, too, so you boys are wearing those about 99% of the time - your little bums look SO cute in them!

Cohen, you have had eczema rather bad this month. Mostly on your cheeks, but also a little on your elbows and ankles. We have cortisone cream to put on it, and it really does help, but you HATE it being put on. I have to do it when you are all wrapped up and going down for the night. That doesn't stop you crying, but it does stop you rubbing it off...usually!

You are both still waking at least once during the night, anytime between 1:30am and 4:30am. Daddy gets up with you when you wake in the mornings, generally around 7am. He keeps you busy until your feed about 8:30am.

This month will be a bit quieter, your 'Uncle' Wayne is visiting for a couple of days, but other than that, it will be business as usual. Our Neonates playgroup starts back up again this week (although we can't make it this week) after a 6-week break, so it will be great to see the other babies you were in hospital with again.

Kason & Cohen, you bring so much light and happiness to our lives, we love you in a circle baby boys.
Love always,

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