Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Weeks In

We have now been in Adelaide for just over two weeks, and we're really enjoying it so far! We've still only got our couches, fridge, washing machine and air bed, but it's surprising how few of the 'essential' items one really needs! I do think that a bed is going to be our next big buy though, the air bed is getting a bit too uncomfortable for me! The one we buy will go into our spare room when ours arrives.

We did buy two cots, two mattresses and two bouncers in the weekend though! Babies'R'Us is having a HUGE sale on at the moment - the cots were half price, the mattresses were $30.00 off and the bouncers were $85.00 off!!!!!!!!! I'm just waiting for them to be delivered this afternoon :-)

The Husband is at WORK! Well, he's training...learning the new studio's syllabus so he can get onto teaching it. We attended three classes there on Thursday night and it went really well, I really enjoyed it! I even managed to keep up fine in the silver level Argentine Tango class - I've never done Argentine Tango before! So yeah, The Husband should pick up the syllabus pretty quickly, and hopefully he'll start getting some lessons in the next week or so. He does get paid for training though, which is nice...we'll have some money going into our account again!

We have our anatomy scan on the babies tomorrow afternoon...I'm really nervous and excited about it! I'm hoping hoping hoping that everything is perfect with them and that they are growing perfectly etc., and we should get to find out what flavour they are! As long as they are cooperating of course! I figure if one's not, the other one should be, but we'll see tomorrow!

Anyways, the washing machine has just finished the load I put in earlier so I better go and hang it out!


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