Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Double-Shot of Boy, Please!

So yesterday afternoon, we had our anatomy scan of the twins! Everything is great, they are growing well (although measuring about a week behind which they also apparently were at the 12week scan, so that's ok) and are both really active. One a little more so...he was kicking his brother in the face!

Yup, it's identical twin BOYS!!! We are so excited to finally know, and when we were grocery shopping this morning, we made a little side trip into Pumpkin Patch and got eight little bodysuits in blue and green! I think to make it easier to tell them apart at first glance when they are tiny, we will have one always in blue and one always in green, but we'll see! And in photos for their Grumps, they will be wearing the same thing to confuse him ;-)

I was so relieved to see them both healthy and kicking away on the screen...I had been terrified that something would be wrong, especially as my belly is still really quite small considering how far along I am...and with twins! My parents are both thrilled - their first grandsons! My Mum is knitting away and is looking forward to doing some blue things, and choosing some material for their bassinette and cot sheets now she knows they're little boys.

We do have names picked out, but we're keeping those a secret from everyone until they are born - I think I even know which one is going to have which name. They kind of made it easy for us, the baby (Baby A) which was kicking his brother in the face yesterday is the same baby that was doing flips the first time we saw them! We want to give the less active baby the 'stronger' name so they maybe even out??!

I'm so excited about doing their nursery now, but I have to wait until our things arrive from NZ! Oh, and the bouncers we got for $85.00 off in the weekend...the only ones they had left were we're going to have to dye them (although I don't think that fabric will dye very easily!) or put a blanket over them! Hehehe, it's going to look funny having everything in their nursery blue and green, and then having two pink bouncers! Oh well, I'm sure the boys won't mind...until they get older and see photos of them in them :-D

Anyways, I better get going - the dishes aren't going to wash themselves!


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