Friday, January 29, 2010

We're Here!!!

And we're in Adelaide!!! We are getting settled into our new much as possible with only limited furniture - ours is still 5-7 weeks away! We have bought a new fridge, washing machine and couches, and we're still sleeping on our air bed for the time being but we're managing! Tuesday was a public holiday here, so even though we bought our new things on Saturday, none of it was able to be delivered until Wednesday, so sitting on pillows on the floor got pretty old pretty quickly! And we had no power from when we arrived until Monday afternoon, but thankfully we *did* have gas, so we were able to take hot showers and cook on the gas hobs.

We had our first antenatal (in Australia) appointment on Monday, and that went really well. I was worried that as it isn't the main hospital, I wouldn't be able to have the twins there as my pregnancy is classed as high-risk, but they had no issues with it. They have a NICU there if necessary, one of the only two in South Australia even, so my worries were completely unfounded! Everything with the babies seems to be going really well. I'm still sick most mornings, but at least it's ONLY the mornings now, and then I'm all good to get on with my day :-) We have the anatomy scan on February 9th, so we're REALLY hoping we are able to find out if we're expecting girls or boys! I have a feeling it's boys, but that may be because my favourite name is a boys name and I soooo want to use it! Simon, and most of our friends, think they're girls! Not long now until we can know...hopefully!
One thing I am REALLY looking forward to doing is getting their room all set up! Our new home is 3 bedrooms, so we had two rooms to choose from for them, and it was pretty easy to decide which one - one of them is really quite dark, even during the day, so that's the one! Hopefully it will be conducive to sleeping for them! We are going to wait to find out what sex they are before we buy anything else for them, and then we have to wait for their bassinettes and other things to arrive from New Zealand. When we were packing everything up, I realised that we actually have a lot of things for them already, but it's the equipment now that we bottles and nappies and sheets and towels and bouncers and and and!!! The list could go on forever!

My Mum has her flights over booked for June 25th, so just under a week out from my due date of July 1st, but I imagine the twins would have made their grand appearance before then - fullterm for twins is 37 weeks. I'm REALLY hoping we get to that point at least...60% of twins don't get to fullterm.

Anyways, I better go before this gets too long (as if it isn't already!)!


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