Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work

Back to work tomorrow...for nine days, and then I'll be unemployed!!! I can't believe that we are off to Adelaide so soon! We sold our fridge/freezer and our dryer today, after listing them late last night - we must have had them on for too cheap seeings as they both sold SO quickly. But as I said to The Husband, I'd rather have them on for too cheap and have them sell than be on there for too much and not sell - we needed to get rid of them! We do now have them problem of having to use all our meat in less than a week...

The Husband has a job interview when we get to Adelaide, so will definitely be keeping our fingers crossed - getting sorted for twins doesn't come cheap! We have already bought a double stroller though, it's cheaper here than in Australia.

It's a fantastic buggy (Mountain Buggy Duo 2010), I particularly like that each baby has their own sunhood (which also has a mesh sun visor which isn't in this picture) and it's SO easy to push and manuovre.

The Husband has dinner ready.


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