Thursday, January 12, 2012


Little Cohen woke up again last night. Luckily it wasn't for long, but it took me about two hours to get back to sleep! And, an added bonus, both boys slept in until 7:45am. This is completely unheard of, people. As in, I don't think it has ever happened before. Ever.

We had a crazy, full-on afternoon. We had Twins Groups first, and the boys had a blast playing outside in the Kindy playground cause the Kindy kids are still on holiday. It's held at the same place we go to Playgroup (which is also still on holiday), so the boys often play there. There were a couple of things that weren't built the way it had been planned, so those were 'fixed' over the holidays and were only just finished two days ago. Our group was the first to 'test' out the new equipment! One of the new things is a slide built into a little hill they made. It was a HIT!!!! Especially with Kason and Cohen. They kept going up the stairs and down the slide over and over and over again! They had some new toys out too...including a little tandem bike! Perfect for Twins Group!

After exhausting Cohen and Kason out there, we ran a few errands and then met a friend with her little girl at a playground. All three little ones loved it, but I'm fairly certain that they will all sleep REALLY well tonight!!! I'm thinking I'll probably sleep really well tonight too! And maybe, just maybe, I'll get to bed before 11:30pm tonight!


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