Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have a couple of worries about my little Cohen. I'm sure I've mentioned before that Kason and Cohen are in a programme where we have a Child, Youth and Health nurse come and visit us every month for two years. Anyways, we had our visit today, and Cohen has lost almost 500g in a month. That's quite a bit to lose when he isn't particularly big to start with. He usually sits around the 25th percentile for he is closer to the 10th. He is a little over 10.5kg, and he is 19-months old. There have been other months when he hasn't eaten a whole lot, but other than when he was first born, he has never lost weight. I just don't know what else to do. I really would have thought that Kason would be more at risk of losing weight - there isn't a lot of food that he actually likes.

My other concern with him at the moment is his speech. I know that twins will often develop their speech later than singletons, but when you have another child the same age, it's hard not to see when one may be not quite at the same stage. I know I shouldn't compare, and generally I don't, but Kason has quite a few words. Not as many as a lot of his friends, but certainly a lot more than Cohen. Kason also seems to be learning a new word every couple of days. Cohen, on the other hand, only has a handful of words. As in, probably less than five, which he will clearly say on a regular basis. Our nurse today told us that she will put in a referral for both boys for speech therapy. Apparently there is about a 3-4 month wait. At this stage, it's more just because of the long waiting-period that we put in the referral. If there is a problem, the sooner we can get to work on it, the better. And if he does start to pick up some new words and catch up to his brother, we can easily cancel the appointment. Hopefully that will be what we end up doing!

But, my Cohen is a such a sweet, kind-hearted little guy. He absolutely loves to give kisses - especially to me and Kason. So many times throughout the day, he will come over to me and just give me a kiss. He blows kisses to everyone he sees - even just walking through the mall he will be blowing kisses to people passing us by. He loves to give his brother hugs, and won't start eating his snack, or drinking his milk until Kason has had a bite, or a sip. Cohen enjoys books, and has an incredible memory - especially when it comes to dogs! Often, when we are out driving, he will spot a dog (usually long before any adults in the car do). For weeks, even months later, he will say "dog?" when we are in the same place - he knows there was a dog there before, and he wants to know where it is now! Dogs are most definitely his favourite animal, followed by lions. Whenever I mention Grumps (my Dad) to him, he says, "dog! Doggie! Dog!" - Grumps always has his dog nearby to say hello to Cohen and Kason J

Cohen is amazing, and I'm so incredibly lucky to be able to call him my Son. I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for him.



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