Monday, December 13, 2010


Day 30
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Cohen was drooling on my leg this morning. This, in itself, is by no means uncommon. Both he and Kason are teething, although they are yet to get any teeth. Anyways, when I moved Cohen from his spot, I saw the pattern his drool made - a perfect heart! I thought it was cute!

We've had a good day today, just pottering around home mainly, although we did drop off the baby capsules we hired and went for a walk for over an hour. It was a beautiful day and not too hot, so perfect walking weather! It's nice that we still have places nearby to explore that we haven't ever been to.

This week is going to be a busy one for us, especially tomorrow. But it will be a good week, I'm sure :-) Kason & Cohen are just so much fun, they make me laugh and smile all the time, I love being their Mum. They are going through a bit of separation anxiety at the moment, and just yesterday both cracked it when a couple of friends wanted cuddles with them. They have known both of these people their whole lives, and see one of them at least every week. We're off to NZ soon, so I hope that doesn't continue too much - LOTS of people there are wanting cuddles with them!


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