Thursday, December 2, 2010


Day 19
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Kason & Cohen had their 6-month vaccinations this morning, and they handled them like champs! After that, we dropped Simon into work - he was teaching at a school this afternoon instead of the studio. He reckons it went really well and the school is interested in possibly making it an on-going thing next year which is really exciting for him!
On our way home, we stopped at Spotlight and got a couple of robot patches to try to fix Master M's quilt. I should really be working on that...I've decided to hand-stitch the hole, then put the robot patch over it. I'll then put another robot patch in another random place. I think it should look ok...I've used a robot flannel, so the patches won't be too out of place!

Oh, today's pic is of Kason (L) and Cohen (R) hanging out in their new (empty) paddling pool. If we get a chance this weekend, we might put some water in it and let them have a play - I just need Simon around for that extra pair of hands!


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