Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Gutted!

So, for the past two years, my main mode of transport has my totally awesome, bright red Daelim e-five scooter named 'Oscar'. I've only had one accident, a few months after we bought him. We live in an apartment block, and Oscar lives inside, under the stairwell.

Me, V & Oscar:

Anyways, this morning, The Husband went downstairs to let some friends in, and Oscar was GONE!!!!!!!!!!

Some Bastards stole him. We can't quite work out how, he's not light, his steering lock was on while he was facing the wall, and you need a key to get in to where he lives. There must have been at least two people to lift him, and they must have had a van or trailer. Surely someone must have seen dodgy people carrying a scooter!!!

Oscar is awesome, and I just can't fathom how someone could do that, how someone could actually take something which doesn't belong to them. They mustn't even know what a conscience is. It just baffles me. And sickens me.

On a brighter note, today was Mum's birthday, and she and Dad came up to Auckland and we took them out to lunch, and gave Mum her birthday present:

She LOVED it!!!!!!!!! And lunch was great :-) We went to a new cafe which has just opened across the road, they have pretty good food and the prices aren't too bad either!
Anyways, here's hoping that the police find my Oscar soon. I'm going to be checking on TradeMe for the next several weeks, I have a feeling he might just turn up on there...

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  1. Hope someone finds must have felt sick to your stomach...I HATE that...
    (((hugs)))) to you sweetie,