Friday, September 25, 2009

Counting Down!

It's now less then four months until our big move! We've decided on a moving company to move the things we are taking, and we are slowly clearing out our cupboards and selling things - it's all getting a bit more real now!

We're pretty sure we know what we are taking with us, but I can just imagine there being a whole lot of little things we will come across we just can't bear selling or leaving behind.

I'm SO looking forward to January! It's going to be so exciting...and scary all at the same time! I'm hanging out for November/December when we can really start looking for a place to rent. We are keeping an eye out now, but they are all available now, or in the next few weeks. It's just good being able to see what kinds of places there are, and how much we can expect to be paying for the kind of place we are hoping to get.
Oooh, and we already have our first visitor planned!!! One of my friends from school lived in Adelaide for a year a couple of years ago, and she is planning a visit there in February, so that will be cool!!!

When it's 100 days until we leave, I'm getting a suitcase charm for my Pandora bracelet :-)


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