Wednesday, August 5, 2009

V at the Zoo

We looked after V this weekend. We had a playdate with my cousin, H, and her 15 month-old daughter, M, on Saturday and on Sunday we took V to the Zoo for the first time! She LOVED it!!! She especially loved the chicken, rooster and baby chick families we came across (she LOVES birds!), the flamingos, the Australia aviary, and most of all, the sealions!!!

V pointing out the birds to her Nana:

Me with V & the little elephant:

Me & V checking out the elephants:

The Husband with V with the flamingos:

We loved having her stay with us for the weekend, and we are really going to miss her (and her Mum & Dad!) when they go back to Venezuela next weekend :-(
We have her first birthday party this weekend coming though, so that will be lots of fun!

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