Monday, August 31, 2009

Been a While!

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted!!!

B, G & V have now gone back to Venezuela - it was so sad to see them go, although V was super cute! At Auckland Airport, there is a viewing area where you can see people who have gone through Customs on their way to the lounges. B, G & V came through, and looked up to see us waving to them, V didn't see us and was just waving because that's what her parents were doing! She soon saw us though, and she started grinning away, waving lots and then she starting running in our direction - SO sweet! We miss them all so much, and really hope they can get back to New Zealand next year too.

The Husband and I have been doing a bit to get sorted for our move to Adelaide recently. We've gotten a few good quotes to move the few things we are taking over with us, so we just have to compare them and what each company is offering for the price they've quoted us. Just yesterday we started putting some items on to sell, so hopefully we get a few bites on those!

It's Mum's birthday in a couple of weeks, and yesterday we finished the duvet cover we were making for her! It turned out so well, I'm stoked with it :-) Tonight I just have to make the pillowcases to match, but they shouldn't take too long!

I think that's about it for today!


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