Friday, July 10, 2009

Here already!

When we took the photo in to the shop to be put on canvas, we were told that it would take approximately 14 working days. We took it in on Sunday 28th June, then on Monday 6th July, yes FIVE working days later, we got a phone call to say it was ready!!! We came back to Auckland from Hamilton that afternoon and collected it from the mall on the way home. We LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!! We haven't put it up on the wall yet...we aren't sure if we will put it up, or just wait until we are in Adelaide. But it looks fantastic :-)

In the weekend, I gave my niece her 1st birthday present - a quilt which I made for her earlier this year. It was early - her birthday isn't for another month, but I figured there wasn't much point waiting until then to give it her - they live in the Caribbean so it's not exactly cold there! I figure she can play on it, and with it when they are home, and she can keep cuddly warm with it while she is in New Zealand! it is:




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