Saturday, June 20, 2009


The husband and I did a ChaCha and Salsa floorshow last night at a school ball - it was SO much fun!!! ChaCha was to a Lady Gaga song (as requested by the school!) and the husband mixed in a samba cause salsa music just does not go with Lady Gaga!

We've done several floorshows together - the husband has done heaps! - but this one had to be my favourite so far, the kids were so into it!!! The music seems to go so much faster when you don't have a routine - the husband has been overseas all week, then had a dj gig at another school beforehand so we had no time to sort anything out - I only heard the music for the first time in the car on the way there!

The girls did SUCH an awesome job decorating the venue - it looked AMAZING!!! I wish I had taken my camera, or al least taken some pics on one of our phones!

The husband is out again now...dancing people through medal tests at the studio. I should be there but I have other things on my agenda studying!!! I've got an exam on Wednesday - procrastination anyone?! I kinda wish my exam had been earlier - the next few weeks are going to be AWESOME and I'm SO excited! I would much rather focus on all that's going to be happening than on staying stuck inside studying!


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