Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Back Into It

Again, I've been super slack!!!

We're now back from our almost two-month long trip to New Zealand!! We had a fantastic time, did heaps, saw lots of people and the boys now have now been on 13 flights! Not too bad for only being 2.5 years old!

I'm trying to download a photo collage programme on our new laptop (woohoo!) so I can share a few photos - WAY to hard to narrow them down! - but it doesn't seem to be working for some reason...might have to get Simon to have a look at it when he gets home from work.

We are slowing getting back into the swing of things. We got back a few days after Christmas, and we've kinda been just cruising since then. Simon started back at work yesterday - Kason was far from impressed about that, and the only thing that stopped him crying, was a Skype call to his beloved Grumps :-)
Today, they had 'school' (childcare). They haven't been since the start of November, but Cohen was a champion, and just went with the flow, as per usual. Kason was happy enough to start off, but just as we were about to walk out the door, he realised what was happening and the waterworks started :-( We ended up staying there about half an hour until he was a bit more comfortable, but he apparently spent a lot of the day being the shadow of his favourite carer, Amanda. He was SUPER excited when I got there to pick them up.

We've got a busy few days coming up, then not a lot scheduled for next week, but hopefully that will change :-) It's a bit hard at the moment because Simon is now back at work, but none of their usual activities (playgroups, library etc.) start back up until school starts, and that's still a while away yet.

Anyways, better get going, I have several things I need to get done tonight and I'm hoping to have an early-ish night - the boys were up at 5:30am this morning!


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