Thursday, August 5, 2010


1. Long weekend in Gold Coast at the end of November.

2. Three weeks in New Zealand over Christmas/New Years.

3. Passports and NZ Citizenship for Kason & Cohen.

Looking forward to:

1. Seeing two of my brothers and my sister-in-law in November and meeting my soon-to-be born nephew!

2. Introducing Kason & Cohen to their Uncles, Aunty and cousin.

3. Seeing our friends and family in New Zealand and showing off Kason & Cohen.

These are my favourite recent photos of the boys. They look so different to each other in them, but they really are very alike!

Kason                                             Cohen


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  1. They look so sweet - & that cheeky glint in their eyes is so wonderful too isn't it... Bless you all!!!!!!!!